As our smartphones grow in size with each generation, as our lifestyle trends towards the digital realm and our need to haul around increasing amounts of “stuff” becomes a thing of the past, we realize that a smaller, efficient gear can offer better solutions to carry our daily essentials for today's modern lifestyle.

So we set out to create a true everyday bag that functions more like a wearable extension, an additional pocket if you will.

Inspired by the nostalgic wave of ‘fanny packs' and classic messenger bags, we focused on a single strap design allowing easy access to the pack without the need to unload it for access. Revised the framework with a highly functional, modern aesthetic, and implemented features that are optimized for today's everyday use in mind, wherever you may go.

We call our collection, Carrywear™; a compact carry solution to broaden and simplify the way we carry our essentials as a part of what we wear each day.

Whether for work or travel, through the city to the wilderness, we strive to go beyond traditional categories to produce stylish, innovative, and intuitive solutions for the everyday world.

Reimagining modern, compact ways to carry.

Welcome to Code Of Bell.