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*The Double Name Project is a limited edition, therefore, once the current stock sells out, it will not be available again.

We’ve been admirers of Japanese craftsmanship and the distinct culture (and market) that makes the island country. So it was only natural for us to take inspiration in our approach and design philosophy when launching CODEOFBELL back in 2017.

At the time, we came across a Japanese carry brand called HARVEST LABEL (same company though different collection from HARVEST LABEL CONNECT brand sold outside of Japan), who continues to manufacture their bags under their own factory in Japan.

To also find out that the founding designer was the man who designed the Tanker series under the PORTER brand of Japan, we instantly became huge fans of HARVEST LABEL, especially being such an under-the-radar name outside of their home market.

Fast forward to early 2020, we reached out to see if we can work together on a capsule collection. And more to the tune to have our bags made in their factory in Japan.

It’s not often you hear of two brands from the same industry working together to share their crafts and produce something truly unique. Taking one’s design elements and fusing it with the other’s long standing history and craftsmanship.

A collaboration like no other to look beyond the present, while respecting and appreciating the past. Reimagining modern ways to carry...beyond borders.


The Ute Strap came about during our conversation with the Japanese team. What started as a scribble on a napkin became a multi-purpose utility strap, which can be used as a camera strap, neck strap, key clip/organizer.

Key Features:

Can be worn cross-body, neck or on shoulder
- Shoulder strap w/ padding
- Can be used as a camera strap (connects to strap loops on camera body)
- Detachable key strap organizer w/ magnetic buckle for quick release + carabiner
- Metal components
- Quick-slide key hook x1